Kotak intraday free brokerage

I did give a try with this Kotak plan but let me tell you they are cheats. They take advance amount & have pathetic accounting system. They did a double deduction from the account plus they kept charging extra for every single thing. I had to regularly track the charges in ledger & inspite of escalations they did not bother. Stay away from such brokers as they make money indirectly by way of cheating. Zerodha is the best platform in terms of pricing & technology (though sometimes you see some down times but thats still ok).


As brokerage cause a lot of dent on scalpers.
My view :
Brokerage is too less in comparison to STT and GST
It is of no use to shift Broker with Brokerage of Rs Nil from Current Broker of Brokerage of Rs 20 per transaction.

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Kotak has launched Super FIT plan wherein leveraged trades in F&O are also free if you subscribe to 999/- yearly FIT plan. So if you trade F&O both leveraged intraday and normal intraday are now free (except the yearly fee of 999/-). As far as I could gather, this offer is valid till March 2020. They call their leveraged intraday product as Supermultiple and their FAQ state upto 50X leverage. The only difference is their cut off time is 3.10 pm. Looks like an interesting proposition for scalpers.

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Stay away from Kotak, i’ve heard bad things about their system from guys using it…not a reliable system or company. Zerodha is the best…occasionally you may face issues but that is seen with all brokers.