Kotak is changing

Kotak has changed in the past few months. Considering that they are a Bank Broker, these developments seem fresh

  1. Zero brokerage for intraday trades across Cash, Futures & Options, Currency & Commodity
  2. Flat fee of 20 per executed F&O order.
  3. Equity & Commodity Delivery at 0.25% of transaction value

Kotak Securities’ new dashboard looks modern, another refreshing feature for a Bank Broker (is that a term?)

And now they have launched Kotak Cherry https://www.kotakcherry.com , a direct Mutual Fund Platform. Its buggy, still working on their website I suppose.

I am also told they will allow pledging Direct MF from that soon and will also look to reducing interest on Collateral Margin from 0.75% per month to 0.25%. This should be 0 if they are to compete.

It’s like every broker is nowadays making a renewed effort, after all, Sebi has given them a chance with the Range Restrictions.


Zer0dha effect, it seems. And huge people participation.

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Well Zerodha has shown it CAN be done. And Sebi has shown they can intervene and offer 2nd chances to others :thinking:

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They better change…i had an account with them 2 yrs back & had a poor experience …they had hidden charges, poor customer support, very bad user interface on their trading system etc…had even escalated to top level but no action, hence closed my account.


I know what you mean. I hated them. Now they are better. I don’t use them much though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is Zerodha struggling with the complacency barrier?


Are you saying they charge interest on Collateral Margin ? How can they be such fools ?

Yes, they do. All Bank Brokers do AFIK. I have a feeling that might GO soon too. Lets see.

Any broker, offering Margin on direct MF as collateral with out interest and 50:50 cash non cash collateral?

I’ve also kind of reactivated my wife’s account with them. I’m using that for occasional trading and keeping as backup for Zerodha outage days. Except that they charge interest on collateral margin, other experience look cool. Let’s see

Zerodha !

Someone on the forum said that Edelweiss, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, Alice Blue and 5 Paisa provide margin against Direct MF.
But first check their website first and then you must ask the brokers directly through mail to be sure.

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Zerodha offers margin on MF , but needs 50:50 cash and noncash to be maintained! I heard some brokers offer 100% non cash.

Same with me.

Sas offer 100% collateral without cash component and no interst. Bummer is they don’t allow funds withdrawl even if you have a single open fno position. Astha also has 100% stock collateral and allows funds withdrawl. No interst


Ever since I joined Zerodha 2 years back, I have asked for very basic features which are standard and missing, like sorting columns, etc; which they say is in their roadmap !! Even features like managing holdings as LT/ST, which is in roadmap they say. They could implement same feature for smallcase though. I feel no one likes to listen to customers, but they have their own agenda to thrust on clients. Complacency indeed !!


Fyers offers MF collateral.

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