Kotak says that companies like Zerodha are going to close and is it true that companies like Zerodha make pool account & keep our money in that?


hat’s off to zerodha,
for breaking Brokerage cost to rs 20 / order,
all other Brokerage firm ar cheaters,
i trust zerodha, opened the account in the year 2013, till now i am a happy client to zerodha.


These bloody big Elephants(kotak n others) r only responsible for this sebi news(http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/markets-business/sebi-reviewing-equity-derivatives-rules-wants-to-deter-retail-investors-in-fo-2314013.html). they want to ruin the retail traders and in turn ruin the discount brokers.


thanks @nithin for your time and reply.
i am great admirer of zerodha and its transparency.


Great work sir,
You are a pioneer in this field
Hope you bring more innovation in trading


Zerodha won’t close just because some irritated fund manager is losing his bonus and clients. Zerodha can ignore them

However, Zerodha need to continuously improve its trading platform, technology and match international brokers such as IB. International players with better tech are the one who are going to poach clients.


No one can stop zerodha because , Clint come to zerodha as face to face publicity buy current customers…


I love ZERODHA! Best broker in India


Yeah mainly Pi, kite ll probably be awesome as kite 3.0 is being taken care of as they r writing it from scratch.


When I wanted to start trading lot of old school traders recommended to choose broker who has a local office only. I started on zerodha on trial basis but I will continue for longterm with your company. Superior technology, easy ui, good margins, low brokerage.

Zerodha will become a top brokerage if your company deliver customer service and innovate new technologies for benefits of traders and investors


I have also notice zerodha alerts the trader by SMS if he is using exceeding his margin so he can add extra funds or close positions.


Zerodha is near to be top brokerage, Zerodha has 5+ lakh clients and top brokerage ICICI has 6+lakh Zerodha is adding minimum 1+ lakh clients every year , so do the math.:smiley:


How long it’ll take?


@ASHISH_SINGH , @Bhuvanesh just said they are working on kite 3.0 and they are coming out with that pretty soon.


Sir i have bought one company’s share, on the next day it started going down so i place the sell order but i don’t know due to some error it didn’t sell and now everyday it goes down and down, and now i’m not able to sell it.
One of my friend has MNCL account and he sold shares and i stuck.


Which stock was this?


Interesting post, sooner full service (god knows where is full service) brokerage houses understand game is changed better for them. Discount brokerage is not something criminal activity but unbundling of a service on multi sided platforms.

Actually in the name of bundling I am still getting half cooked research reports and stock name like social networking buzzes. Sooner people understand that money is not made with a name only better for them. Hardly 20% of game, skills and challenge lies with execution which includes risk management, position size and behavioural finance. No one is going to do it for you! Actually Zerodha loops the self reinforcing method!

By the way coming to pool of money, little truth is there. Because laws are governed by SEBI and exchanges.

  1. If I keep excessive money in ledger that’s my problem. If I buy through exchange everything lands up in demat account. NSDL/CDSL manages demat, not for Zerodha but for everyone. No one is going siphon that away just like that. As a good practice I check NSDL statement (sent to you every month) at least once in 15 days. Hardly 2 minutes job!
  2. Fund balancing reporting is mandatory including Zerodha. We keep getting SMS and mails.
  3. Idle balance is auto settled again for all brokers.

It’s a swallow agreement to conclude money will vanish as rules of game is decided by authorities and discipline needs to be from us.

By the way I have sent mail to Mr Kamath appreciating his good services. The amount of brokerage I have saved eventually added 2% to my average margin. I will continue to congratulate him for being a disrupt-or to highly unruly bunch of over charging brokers.

Who is stopping brokers to make it free? It’s a level playing field. If your PMS and research is razor sharp they will sell. Why worry?


It maybe that 3in1 account providers venting out saying such things as Z is taking over their share of the pie because of superior technology and low charges. I’m new to zerodha, started using your platforms just recently and really loving it. @nithin Great job!


Fake news all along

Zerodha is good broker working on low margins and also providing stock market courses to people.



I used to like Zerodha Products and there passion for building new technology and also thought that Zerodha will shine among others but not any more…

After the recent incident(25th October) I feel what people are talking about Zerodha shutting down and all its not too far… Company like KOTAK is saying then there must be some facts.

Read about the recent issue here - Both my SL and target on bracket orders got hit, what do I do now?

Check Twitter on how people struggled with this issue…


Zerodha should start offering 3 in 1 account.
Bank account, demat & trading all in one.

It will create BIG BANG in the market & companies like Kotak will lose all their clients.

As the name says, Zerodha, one should get a ZERO balance account with zerodha & other attractive benefits. Also savings interest rate can be higher.
People will shift to Zerodha in no time.

Lots of zerodha traders dont park their money in trading account. If Zerodha offers 3 in 1 account, rest assured that zerodha will also receive high liquidity. And hassles of DP charges while buying & selling equities will no longer be into effect.

Zerodha can start like an ewallet digi bank with branches only in Metro cities & later after having huge success can increase the number of branches along with normal bank operations.