Kotak says that companies like Zerodha are going to close and is it true that companies like Zerodha make pool account & keep our money in that?


If it is on Twitter then it must be True. Can you please tell me how to close Zeroddha account? Should I wait until Monday to withdraw my funds or should I visit their office on Sunday itself?


well guess what (https://zerodha.com/z-connect/zerodha/bulletin-latest-at-zerodha/we-are-now-the-3rd-largest-stock-broker-in-india)


Zerodha really have lots of potential, and probably has the best potential for being the best platform for intraday traders… as it has all the parameters viz., its interface, api, bracket orders/ leverage. However all is good till we look into tradeble intraday stocks, they need to have a more liberal and better managed stock picking policy. Total number of stocks tradeable on margin is about 438 (earlier it was 250 odd so no doubt its better now) still thats too is short for intraday traders atleast it should allow 700 stocks to trade on. As ask any intraday trader he would need stocks that move. and stocks of 438 obviously on most days are stocks that wouldnt move. So its like “So close yet So far”. Zerodha has the best platform but there are no trains comming in. Nothing to trade, Really Nithin you should think about this. We admire your work, but then thats all we can do as we dont have the required stocks to trade on zerodha…


Zerodha closed 60 day brokerage refund and also referral system. In their website they accept that most are delivery trades.

I believe zerodha earns none from delivery trades. So since most are delivery based trades I think they are facing fund shortage. So they closed all the above promotion. They are fighting hard to survive.

Yes they are in no 3 spot but if your majority are delivery trades then I would worry a little.

I fear that zerodha will shut down.



Mumbai, May 2, 2018: Kotak Securities Ltd. (KSL) today announced its vision for the future of stock market
investing in the presence of Vikram Limaye – Managing Director & CEO of National Stock Exchange. With
an aim to become a catalyst in wealth creation for the nation and the common man, KSL today launched
‘Free Intraday Trading’ - a first of its kind offering that gives self-directed investors freedom from brokerage
on intraday trades across cash, future and options segments at an annual subscription of Rs. 999/-. Further,
investors get free access to KSL’s research and robust technology platform for seamless and secure
execution of trade transactions.
Free Intraday Trading is KSL’s innovation-led ambitious organic growth charter to double its customer base
in 18 months. It will change dynamics of the broking industry as secondary market volumes will grow
KSL’s endeavour to boost retail participation in stock markets derives strength from the structural reforms
initiated by the government – a stable and thriving IndiaStack, formalisation of the Indian economy (GST)
and financial savings (less-cash digital India), which has led to significant growth in all forms of financial
assets. Further, India has the potential to be a US$ 10 trillion economy by 2030.
Vikram Limaye, Managing Director & CEO, National Stock Exchange Ltd. said, “Though equity markets are
well developed in India, only 5% of household savings finds its way here. Structural changes in the Indian
economy have resulted in robust growth in all forms of financial assets including direct investments in
capital markets. This aids capital formation, which in turn helps employment generation. I commend Kotak
Securities for coming up with innovative products to improve retail participation.”
Kamlesh Rao, Managing Director & CEO, Kotak Securities Ltd. said, “We have always believed in value
creation for our stakeholders. Free Intraday Trading has all the right ingredients – technology, free research
and cost economics, to deepen and widen equity markets as it will encourage retail participation and
further aid channelling of savings into the formal system. As market intermediaries, the onus is on us to
break barriers and help millions of Indians achieve their wealth creation goals through informed, friction-
free access and in a cost efficient manner. Free IntraDay Trade will drive up market volumes as well, and a
robust secondary market augurs well for wealth creation for India and the common man.”
“Kotak Securities’ is on the cusp of innovation led growth. With Free IntraDay Trade, we are embarking on
a bold organic growth journey. We are aiming to double our customer base in 18 months”, added Rao.
As a digital pioneer in the broking industry, KSL has invested in an ecosystem that facilitates economic and
efficient trading experience to customers. Last year, KSL launched ‘Chat to trade’, ‘Happy Hours’, ‘Happy
Day’ and ‘Double or Quits’.


I am thinking there may be some hidden terms.

I fire daily average 20 trades which is 400 /- per day in Zerodha. Which is around 1 lakh per year. These all come to me for 999 /-. Any body contacted them ? If any body got details share over here.


If thats the case they will impliment minimal brokerage for delivery , they are not facing any such so thats why. Not implimenting lol. Server pe load Padre tha end time me toh 20 per trade lagadia and unka survival is at stake and they will not introduce charge on delivery?


Its only for intraday- Carried over positon will be charged extra at normal rate: Clarification on their site. Funny FnO trades carried over beyond a day is called delivery trades. Innovation! u see…

In case you rollover your position beyond the day, the trade gets converted into a delivery trade, in which case, brokerage will be charged.


I am pure intraday trader. Usually place 20 orders a day. It means am I beneficial with it ?



wheather data is correct or wrong?


You are paying 999/- as overall brokerage per year. You will still be paying the other taxes and charges.


if there is loss of 100 crores… then zerodha will raise brokarage for delivery trades?


On face of it, it looks like a great deal for intraday trader. But you must also be aware that this 1000/- p.a. will not cover their cost of maintaining the traders account and likely cause an operating loss for them. Why are they willing to do it. Purely to grow business, I doubt it.

I suspect they will take the opposite side of the trade (considering 90+% of day traders loose, its automatic win-win for them) and do “mind-control” of day traders with bombardment of daily tips, research reports phone calls etc. The very reason they want only day traders saves them from gap risk when they take opposite side of the trade. This will ultimately create a pool of in house dummies for them to off load their proprietary trades when they need to square off.

I suspect they are trying to improvise the dark pool concept of foreign brokerages to suit Indian regulations. JUST MY VIEW…

If you r experienced day trader, no harm in trying it out and see for yourself.


Hmm. Thank You.

Is there will be any difference for us if Broker take opposite trade when we have a profitable trading strategy ? And can I sure Zerodha is not doing this ?

I am just asking for knowledge.



Free Intraday Trading
Successful intraday trading has a lot to do with costs. Lower the cost; the lower the breakeven to make profits. That is where Kotak Securities’ Free Intraday Trading (FIT) perfectly fits into your trading strategy. Just open a trading account with Kotak Securities and start your free intraday trading journey right away.

How to get free intraday trading?
It’s very simple. Just open a trading account with Kotak Securities (It’s free if you opt for FIT). Next, opt for the FIT subscription by paying Rs. 999 for the full year.”

What do you get with FIT?
Traders can subscribe to the FIT plan by paying just Rs.999 for the whole year. That is less than Rs.4 per day.
FIT is applicable for all intraday trading orders across all equity segments, be it cash, futures or options.
There is no limit on the quantum of intraday trading that you can do in equities and derivatives with FIT once you have subscribed to the 999 plan.
The rules of FIT
FIT is only applicable for self-generated orders i.e. where the buy and sell leg orders are placed on the Kotak Securities platform by the customer directly.
Customers will have to provide margins as per the existing agreement with Kotak Securities.
Delivery brokerage will be as per the agreement with the client.
Currently, FIT is only open to resident Indians with an online trading account and for online franchisee accounts in equity and equity derivatives.
Keep in mind…
Intraday trades placed through a dealer will not be covered under FIT.
All statutory and regulatory charges like STT, GST, stamp duty, exchange fees and SEBI turnover fees will be charged on actuals on the trade.
Nominal brokerage of just 1 paisa per scrip will be levied on your trade that will substantially reduce your cost of trading.
FIT is not available for currency and commodity trades. FIT cannot be used by NRIs, QFIs and ODIN Diet clients at this point of time.
In case you rollover your position beyond the day, the trade gets converted into a delivery trade, in which case, brokerage will be charged.
Why opt for FIT?
30-34% of customers in the equity cash and derivatives segments are self-traders, as of FY2017-18. Intraday trades also account for 60-64% of the average daily trading volume in both equity cash and derivatives segments. For such traders, brokerage cost is a major consideration. FIT is intended to address precisely that issue. Here’s what Free Intraday Trade (FIT) offers:

  • No brokerage charges irrespective of size of trade, platform or market segment

  • Get unlimited access to equity and derivatives reports by our award-winning Research team

  • Existing customers can seamlessly sign up for FIT by getting in touch with the Customer Care team.

  • Trade on the go through your mobile phone using Kotak Stock Trader, the only app to allow you a login-free glance at your portfolio

  • Download TradeSmart Terminal on your laptop or PC and enhance your intraday trades with portfolio analytics, position trackers, watch-lists and specialized screeners

  • Don’t want to download? Get a smarter and quicker trading experience on your browser with the KEAT Pro X

  • Get real-time trading insights aggregated from a variety of sources with TradeSmart Insights

  • Leverage F&O data, trends and insights to pick trading positions using TradeSmart Derivatives

  • Use technical charts like moving averages, momentum indicators, ROC indicators and supports and resistances with TradeSmart Trends

The Free Intraday Trading (FIT) offers you an unbeatable trading experience at the lowest cost and backed by the best of analytics. It is all about staying FIT in intraday trading! If you want the best intraday platform then start trading now.


No…My view is that in trading it all depends on the trader & the market. The broker may have win-win situation because on wider scale most of the traders lose.


What are you a spokesperson of Kotak? Posting hour by hour updates of the new product. Kudos on the copy pasting done brilliantly!


I am the CEO of kotak securities.
Trying to be active on forums and give some offers to gain customers
After that will withdraw all the offers without anyone’s knowledge on 25th April next year