Kyc Issue KRA Status

I have updated my email id (which is registered in all brokers and KRA) in other broker. They have updated the email id immediately and I have received the email by them. But they also send this update to the KRA and after 7 days when I check the KRA modify status then it is showing rejected. However the current status in KRA showing Validated. But the modification section is showing KRA rejected because the broker not submit the forms in appropriate format.

My Zerodha account is updated with all the latest details as of in KRA. Should I be worried because of this modification rejected Status. I am saying again the current status is showing validated but the modification one is showing rejected. Please please help. @nithin sir @Meher_Smaran @ShubhS9

If the modification status is rejected, this shouldn’t immediately affect your trading activity. However, we recommend that you follow up with the respective broker and get them to submit the necessary documents to KRA to have both the primary and modification statuses updated. If the modification is rejected for a considerable time, KRAs will move such IDs’ primary status to rejected/on hold.

I closed the demat account with that broker after this matter. I talked to the zerodha support and they suggested me to do rekyc with Zerodha using “update details as per aadhar” and they will update the details with KRA to get the modification status verified again. Have I done right sir? And you used considerable time how much to be specific sir? @Alwin please sir reply.

One more question is it necessary to ask the same broker to modify the details sir? @Alwin I have done rekyc with Zerodha and choose the option update details as per Aadhar. Will this solve my problem Sir?

If an intermediary has raised a modification, KRAs expect the same intermediary to resolve them, too; either way, if you have completed rekyc via aadhaar, a new request will be sent from Zerodha and we will initiate a fresh modification.

I have closed the account with that broker how it will solve then? Will the fresh modification which is done on zerodha using aadhaar card updation will solve this issue sir? @Alwin

Sir please reply I don’t want to be in trouble just because of this kyc Issue. @Alwin @ShubhS9

Hi @himudaji, could you please DM me your ticket number? I will have someone from the team reach out and clarify this. You can create a ticket at and DM the ticket number if you have not created a ticket.

I just want an answer of this simple question sir “I have closed the account with that broker due to this kyc issue and irresponsibility how it will solve then? Will the fresh modification which is done on zerodha using aadhaar card updation will solve this issue sir?” @Alwin @ShubhS9

Hi @himudaji, yes, it will. If you have closed the account with the other broker and done Re-KYC at Zerodha, this will be updated in the records of KRA.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. Can you please tell me the total time to get my new status gets validated. @ShubhS9 @Alwin

One you do Re-KYC the status will get updated within 72 hours.

And when in KRA @ShubhS9 @Alwin