L&T mutual funds no longer showing up under holdings nor can payments be made for existing SIP

I have existing SIP every 15 days in L&T EMERGING BUSINESSES FUND - DIRECT PLAN. I cannot see the same fund on Coin portal nor can I search any L&T fund on Coin. I was supposed to pay SIP this week even got mail for the same but I see no option for payment on portal or app. I still see the said fund on Console though.
Any help with L&T Mutual fund will be appreciated

I have also invested in same MF. Holding does not show L&T emerging mutual fund and existing sip also does not show. Not sure whats happening

@KunalSatao @Sahil_Sharma

HSBC Mutual Fund and L&T Mutual Fund are undergoing a merger. The units of both L&T and HSBC schemes won’t show in your holdings on Coin until the merger is completed. The new units will be credited and shown in your holdings by next week. Also, all SIPs in HSBC and L&T schemes have been deleted. You can set them up again once the funds are available for investing. You can check this exchange circular for more details.

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Thanks for reply, i can see updated fund name in holdings and SIP