Lakshmi Vilas Bank

Hi Zerodha,

I want to invest in Lakshmi Vilas Bank, I’m not able to see share script in Zerodha . Please suggest how to invest on this.


This scrip has been suspended from trading after announcement of Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s merger with DBS Bank.

Also you should be aware, as per scheme of the merger the equity shareholders of LVB stand to lose all the amount invested as the entire paid-up equity capital will be written-off. You can check out this thread for more information. What will happen to Lakshmi Vilas Bank

@Rajesh_Munusamy Bhai there is lot of banks is there in NSE , why you are interested to invest in closed banks

@Rajesh_Munusamy rather than losing your money on stock like lakshmi vilas bank, which is now worthless, why don’t you help few people in need with that money?

the stock has been suspended from trading and as explained by shubh, as per merger scheme the shareholders will have to write off their investments.

When it can be traded again, Any tentative date?

There is no tentative date, you can stay updated on announcements on the exchange website.

I am also interested.
I understand why you are interested.

Soon DBS india , if at all it gets listed as a new IPO