Laptop RAM size

Is 4GB RAM enough to handle the trading software and Google Chrome browser simultaneously with enough speed?

Bro, 2gb is enough and even 4gb would suffice, but in the 2gb case there would be serious bottlenecks and in the 4gb case it too would be bottle-necked like when you start or have more tabs open in chrome, Mozilla etc. Since you are getting a new laptop get one with 8gb it would be enough for a few years. If you cannot find one buy with 4gb one and upgrade later by adding a 8gb module. Current 8gb DDR4 laptop RAM modules cost under 3K.

Yes provided no other heavy processing work

Yes 4GB ram with decent processor will meets the trading hardware requirement.

So you mean to say that 4GB will slow down the laptop when Google Chrome browser will be running in parallel with the trading software and a minimum of 8GB is a must for smooth running?

Yeah, that’s what I am saying. 4 GB is enough if speed and response is not the issue and you surf the web watch Youtube videos etc etc at leisure but for serious hazzle free work, more the RAM the better response (given you have a sufficiently fast processor) and for current scenario/basic usage like chrome with multiple tabs etc etc without any hiccups 8 GB is the baseline. People just invest in what they need/require at the moment and what fits their budget but why not invest a little more so that you get somewhat more reliability and peace of mind for a few years longer.