Largest portfolio holder in zerodha

Can anyone know who is largest portfolio holder in zerodha.
How many clients have have more than 1 cr portfolio…

How many clients have have more than 10 cr portfolio…

Top 5 largest portfolio holder in zerodha.

Name is not required but only size

This to check zerodha has big clients and they trust zerodha

What will you do with this information?

This will build confidence that zerodha has big clients and they trust them…

By regulation, brokers are not supposed to share their client information.

Only size not name that’s it

Again, it’s confidential. BTW check this


How many clients are there having more than 1 cr porfolio

That conveys one thing. If zerodha wants to break in to the top 3 brokers then 1 thing is required.

I have already conveyed that thing to @nithin in past. Again I repeat.

Zerodha will have to offer a 3 in 1 account. Yes it would require a banking license.

Big investors are generally reluctant to hold their portfolios with ZERODHA.
Yes its about TRUST factor which zerodha has not been able to win. I m talking about investors not traders.

Yes zerodha is loved by traders but when it comes to investors, especially BIG INVESTORS, they prefer to stay on the safer side with banking firms which offer 3 in 1 account. That’s the reason why ICICI, HDFC have managed to retain their place despite high brokerage. Big investors already have big money so they care more about trust than brokerage.

Zerodha is known for providing rich technical analysis features, indicators, good interface, light fast n steady web based KITE platform. People also love 60 day challenge equally but now with capping limit which if increased would be great.

So if ZERODHA also plans to offer ZERO balance savings bank accounts then it would jump to 3rd place in no time & would give tough competition to companies at 1st & 2nd positions.

Simply put, ZERODHA banking would make a BLAST in the market. Blast I mean DHAMAKA. Actually ZERODHA itself means same.

If you can come up with unique & innovative things, masses are ready to follow you.

If this went on, ZERODHA banking would steal big market share & this time people from other banking brokerage firms would start flowing in to ZERODHA for opening 3 in 1 account.
Zerodha would continue to be true to its name. ZERO DHA >>>> ZERO brokerage , ZERO Balance bank account , & this ZERO would turn out to be the only HERO in market reaching top rankings one day.

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No, Zerodha is formed from Zero + Rodha, which is Zero Barriers in Sanskrit.

Why will the company name itself Zero Dhamaka. At Zerodha, it’s always 100% Dhamaka. I thought you knew that.


Thanks for your message. But look again carefully, There’s a plus sign between Zero & dhamaka which I meant to convey , Zero+dhamaka= Zerodhamaka that is Dhamaka of Zerodha , dhamaka of Zero.
zero brokerage, zero balance savings account.

I didn’t mean to suggest a name. I just praised Zerodha as Dhamaka.

Oh, I’m sorry about that.

C’mon buddy! Why are you after me now! You have become another moderator running after me!
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I’m actually sorry, buddy. I was trying to put myself in your shoes and understand why you post what you post. I’m still trying to figure it out. But it’s great you have a business strategy laid out for Zerodha.

You should actually work for Zerodha.

Zerodha Fan + Employee = Fantastic.

Hahah sure! Working under the leadership of Nithin would be a great experience too.

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Atleast they can put numbers like no of clients having portfolio size more than 10 lakh or 20 lakh

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