Last date for LTCG & elss

I have to escape the LTCG, what’s the last date I should be selling the stocks in kite?

If I need get the elss benefit which is the last date for me to top up elss fund in zerodha coin? @siva

ELSS has to be invested into before March 28th (considering holidays from 28th to until 31st).

You don’t have to sell stocks to escape LTCG. Anyways you get the grandfathering benefit. So any gain post Jan 31st is only on what you will have to pay LTCG (also the first 1lk no LTCG).

Check this

I know the grand fathering & I won’t be selling. But, there are many others who aren’t aware of this & are selling.
Also, fiis who may have decided to exit, would want to exit before 31st. This, I believe, has huge implications on the last day allowed & days closer to it. That’s why I want to know the last date one would have to sell get the ’ benefit’.

Markets closed on 29th and 30th, so the last date is March 28th.

But the settlement happens beyond March 31st so was doubtful.