Latest & Historical Bank Nifty constituents with weightage?

According to NSE website as on 31st Aug 2021, there are only 10 stocks in BankNifty with this weight.

But According to tickertape and moneycontrol there are 12 stocks in bank nifty, also I saw on CNBC TV saying there are 12 stocks in bank nifty.

Where can I find the bank nifty latest constituents with accurate weightage??

Also, It would be great, If I can also see history of bank nifty constituents with weightage.

PNB and RBL bank are latest entries (i think) after 31st Aug in bank nifty
So, there are 12 stocks in bank nifty index.

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Probably it will be available in NSE archive i think.
I can’t find it anywhere

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It does not provide historical data though.

It is written here, Index is rebalanced every 6 months (semi-annual). So why 2 new stocks were added this month in Sep?