Latest SGB June 2023 series not credited

I had applied latest SGB series of June 2023 through net banking, which was supposed to be credited to my demat on 27th june 2023 but unfortunately it has not been credited. I have checked my demat holding statement through CDSL Easiest and it’s not there. Now what should I do ?
Anyone who has knowledge regarding this kindly reply :pray:.

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The allotment dates are tentative and can change. Generally it takes 10-15 days from issue closure date for SGBs to get credited to your demat account. You will get an email from CDSL once the SGBs are created.


How do we track outside of the Zerodha? It is showing “Orders sent to exchange” for a long time. Is it normal that every time they take 10-15 days to process it irrespective of the allotment date?

Thank you in adavance

Do not worry.
I have also applied in the same June 2023 series. Depositories take around 15-20 days to reflect the SGB’s in the demat after the subscription closes. The above delay is due to the listing procedures.

27 June was allotment date, actual credit does not happen that fast.
Mine got credited on 4th July.

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Yes I have got the CDSL message. Mine is also credited on 4th July.

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My sgbs are also not credited yet and it is 7th July, still waiting

Check your email message from cdsl or login to your demat account through CDSL Easiest and check there.

@Stonecold Thanks, I verified using easi cdsl login, sgb units are credited into my account but somehow I haven’t received any email via cdsl/ekuber/zerodha sttaing sgb units allocated to my account.

When will this gets listed in NSE/BSE? what will be the symbol name?

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I see it is credited in CDSL account.
Won’t be visible in zeordha holdings tab? If so how long it takes?
If no, how to pledge from CDSL site?

The SGBs will show in your Kite holdings once it is listed on the exchanges. This should be listed in coming days.

You will be able to pledge once Clearing Corporation approves it. This can take some time, the Clearing Corporation updates it’s list of approved securities once per month.

Any update on listing on NSE/BSE? What would be the symbol name?

It is already listed now as SGBJUN31I-GB

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Which date is considered for the purpose of LTCG and STCG in the fresh issue of Gold Bonds :

1.) The date on which SGB is credited into the demat account OR
2.) The date at which SGB is listed on the exchanges

Not 100% sure about this. Tagging @Quicko so they can help you out with it.

Hi @Stonecold

The date shall be the date on which SGB is credited into the demat account.

You can read about Sovereign Gold Bond - Taxation on SGB - Learn by Quicko.

I very much doubt if this is true for fresh issue. It might be true for secondary purchase, not primary

For fresh issue, RBI declares the issue date of bond. That is the date from which everything begins, including interest payment and 8 year maturity.
For eg. for June series issue date was 27th June 2023 (accordingly maturity is worked out as 27 June 2031):

Since interest payout, maturity, premature redemption post 5 years, everything is based on issue date, I believe capital gains should also be calculated using this date.

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Hi @Stonecold

As rightly mentioned by @Akash_Shah the date shall be taken as the date of issuance of the bonds for the purpose of calculation of STCG/LTCG.

Apologies for the miscommunication.

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