Leased Line Connectivity - how can a trader connect to nseindia via zerodha using leased lines?

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NSE NOW is very similar to NEST trading platform. NOW is run by NSE, and hence you can’t trade other exchanges on it. NEST/ZT and NOW both are connected to NSE via leased lines, so there is no real difference as such. NOW doesn’t have advanced order types like cover orders or bracket orders.

If you still want to migrate from NEST/ZT to NOW, send an email requesting to [email protected]

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Can Zerodha provide more details on this ?

Any provision/method for connecting my desktop to Zerodha servers, via a dedicated leased line (for last mile connectivity) instead of a broadband connection ???

We are soon coming out with a solution where you can keep your trading machine within our data center in Mumbai on the same LAN. So you get much faster data, and also no issues with the last mile connectivity. But that said, you will still need to access this machine over broadband, you can’t connect using leased line directly to the data center.

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any update on the above