Lesser Margins on Zerodha


I just moved to Zerodha from a different Broker. Though i am very satisfied with pricing structure and there trading platforms, there is something about MIS Margins i want to clarify.

While calculating Margins my previous broker used to consider Value of my net holdings (after some Percentage Reduction ) + Cash. Here in Zerodha margin is only against Cash.

Doesn’t it make sense to provide Margins against quality Holdings?

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Out of interest, What Trading Platform were you using with this previous broker?

Zerodha also provides margin against shares, if you pledge your shares to them. Other full service brokers are giving the same. The difference is, here in Zerodha, it will take a day to get your margins after you pledge, whereas Full Service Brokers give instantly. Once Zerodha starts its own lending services, this time delay will be solved. Have a look at this and this

Not a full time trader, previously used Insta Plus and Tick from Reliance Securities.

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How can i Pledge/Unpledge my Holdings? Does Zerodha charge Interest on Using Margins against Securities?