Level 2 Data and time and sales

Using this video as reference.We have level 2 & 3 Data in zerodha is there a similar feature as to Time& actual trades executed since Level 2 & 3 are pending orders not executed.
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Hi @Chetan_Nahata

Will bounce this off the team, they’ll check on the possibilities, Thank you for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it @Meher_Smaran
I’ve seen it with many US brokers having this feature and traders using this as confirmation and to find the intensity of the trend but never seen it with any Indian broker.

While Level 2/3 data is now available for so long, time and sales data should not be that difficult for Zerodha to provide, perhaps just below the depth, or on the right side, like in a “popup” frame like you do for charts. Please consider. Why has this not been considered given the availbility of Level 2/3 data and this is relatively a small increment compared to that. Many thanks!

@mkv22 reminded me of this thread :laughing:
So @Meher_Smaran is it fleasable? any words from the team?

Time and sales data alone is not that much useful, it should be combined with if the trade hit bid or offer, differences between aggressive buy/sell trades and plotting those which really mean footprint charts and order flow. Guess that might be a bit difficult to come from regular brokers, some specialist charting should be used and it will be pay and use only as it require lots of resources.

Yes in the net this is where it all comes down to … a lot of platforms provide this but they’re all paid tools that’s why I bumped this thinking it might be feasible for Zerodha to integrate on Kite… Still, we won’t know until someone from Zerodha replies on it till now I’d say this feature namely footprint and orderflow analysis is available on platforms like TradingView and Go charting not sure if any broker provides it or not.

@Meher_Smaran As Zerodha already provides Level 2 / 20 depth data, time and sales should be a relatively small increment. Just a standard and simple running time and sales data like in ThinkOrSwim, for example should do. By the way, why is not that these data (Level 2 and T & S) are not available via the API? Many thanks.