Leverage related query

I have 50000 rupees in my account. now I want to buy on leverage, so I want to invest 25000 with leverage in one stock and another 25000 with leverage on other stock for intraday or futures. how do I do it? I mean I want to divide the 50000 rupees into two equal parts and then invest them with taking leverage from the broker and investing in two different stocks. How to go for it?

If you are splitting 50K in 2 parts (25K each) and buying stocks worth 25K, then there is no question of leverage. You are essentially buying for what you have.

Leverage is when you get additional capital for the capital that you alredy have. For example in a 1:5 leverage, you are essentially putting Rs.1 from your side and the broker is putting Rs.5 from his…hence you can buy 5 time more here.

Here is a chapter which explains leverage in detail - http://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/leverage-payoff/

hello trader,

Splitting leverage is not possible.

The best option would be to buy the non leveraged product first and then use the rest in your account to leverage for MIS intraday equity cash.

Go to https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/Equity/  and calculate margin. put Cash available 25000 and stock price who you want to buy, then you bought MIS no share.and same for other stock (25000)