LIC's IPO is here

LIC’s 652 !!! Page DRHP is finally here. I can assure you reading this will be a great experience in learning about companies , businesses and markets.

Let’s use this thread to post all the interesting data and summaries of the biggest IPO ever possibly


Quick facts on the mega IPO, add on.

IPO with excitement it is.

Above is an excerpt from the DHRP, under RISKS for the business.

The next couple of years is going to be interesting. Hopefully, LIC does move forward increasingly to use digital tools for selling policies online.

Wow! I did not know that insurance industry had such HIGH attrition rate.

Disclaimer about the conflict of interest (w.r.t Govt and Other Shareholders)

This is great to see that the disclosure standards of the company are pretty high. As expected, it clearly states that the company can take decisions at times which may not be fully favourable to the shareholders.

Source : Ajay Rotti’s tweet

LIC likely to launch $8 billion IPO on March 11

Government realising at last that things are not as smooth as expected. We may see a delay in LIC IPO

In future, when LIC is listed and the markets are correcting, would LIC buy LIC stock. Generally when markets are correcting DIIs support the market by buying stocks at a lower levels, does that mean LIC would buy its own stock, as LIC would definitely be in NIfty 50?

Only 5% is getting sold, do you think they need to buy back any?

I meant for their unit holders, who invest to get an exposure in the markets

The IPO is still not near. Global uncertainty and conflict have already brought down the market mood and Government wants the best possible;e return from this IPO as this is their magnum opus.

Does LIC manage any index fund?

Yaa LIC does have a Mutual Fund house (which I just googled about), but I was wondering as LIC has stake in a lot of stocks, and the return they get is passed on to the unit holders, would they be able to invest in LIC or not(on behalf of the unit holders)

Company buying its own stock (regardless of intent) is buyback. And there are separate regulations for it.

So while LIC mutual fund scheme can buy LIC stock OR LIC can buy Index ETF (in which LIC will also be present), But LIC will be unable to buy LIC share directly from market.

Only way to do that would be to go through buyback route.

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Quarterly profit of Rs. 234 Cr and expected Mcap of 15 lakh Cr.
I think govt is going to pull a bigger con job than what PayTM, Zomato and all did :man_facepalming:

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HHahaha fully agree

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Seems to hit the street on May

May seems to the all important month for IPO lovers.