Life without active trading

Guys i wrote about quitting trading sometime back

With having written off the entire portfolio which was anyway bleeding I find life far more peaceful and better. It is a gift and boon to not mess up with stocks

Now i do onky academic study and monitoring. Deinstalled zerodha and idirevt as well.

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I had stayed away from trading for some months, but I could not stay away from trading for more time.

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Try again …if making loss no point riding in a crocodile

Will share you a thing i said my friend about trading and he opened account and he started trading he bought, then markets fell he sold then markets increased,he realized market is the biggest showman in the world that shows a unique show to traders everytime ,one day i and him were traveling some car hit a few months old stray puppy and ran.we stopped our bike and went near the puppy was shaking its tail in a hope of saving.a middleclass man in two wheeler passed the way and he returned to see the dog he was desperate to save but he couldn’t, a poor man came he touched the bleeding mortal body and put that dog aside of the road and went,my friend told me look at the poor man who touched the dog and put aside so that the dead dog doesn’t get more nasty on the road, he realised the saying is true ‘god lives in the poor mans heart’ My friend left trading and live a simple life ,oh my paramatma creatures come and go but their existence here must to peaceful.

Everything happened in a day.something made his mind and he neve traded then.


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