Limit Order Executing at Current Market Price

Whenever I place order using LIMIT Order for F&O then it executes at Current Market Price, please let me know if this is an error or I’m doing anything wrong?


For buy limit order if you specify a price, at or abv current market price it will execute at Current Market Price, vice versa for sell limit order.

Use price below cmp for buy limit order eg: if cmp is 100 and you specify 99 in the limit order it will execute only if price goes to 99 or below.

Oh! Thanks MaverickRabidDogIa I got little confused, thanks for clarification.
Can you tell me if there is any way to set a buy order for above the CMP ?

You will have to use SL or SL-M order type.

Visit the below link for detailed explanation:
At the end there’s a paragraph about "SL orders to enter new positions"

By Placing a limit order above Market Price You are saying that, you are willing to pay much higher than what is the current market price of the instrument. So exchange is giving you your desired quantity of the instrument at a much better price by executing your order at current price, which is lesser than your limit price.

You might have your own reasons to buy at a specified price above the current price, in that case you can use, SL Limit order on BUY side. i.e generally used to cover short positions. Which can work for you as per your requirement.

Today I was trading in SIEMENS OCT FUT I had position at 1235, I was setting target of 1240 using Exit >> SL-M
but order executed at current price that was 1237.

What was the issue, please explain.

SL-M buy order—to buy abv a certain price

SL-M sell order —to sell below a certain price

Since you had a buy position and you used a SL-M sell order at 1240 the system took the current price which was below 1240 and executed your trade.

You should have used a limit sell order for target 1240.

You seem new to the market, please take some time to learn at least the basics about trading before diving into futures trading using margin.

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Hello MaverickRabidDogIa
I think you can help me. Today in a certain stock i put a limit order which is higher then cmp. The order is execute at market price. is there any thing wrong in my order. As example i said that cmp is 63.8 and i put a limit bye order at 64.5.

A limit order is a best price order, meaning it is used to execute at the best available price. If CMP is 63.8 and you place a limit buy order at 64.5, then the best available price is 63.8 so it will execute at CMP. If you want to buy a stock only if it goes above 64.5, then you have to place a buy SLM order with trigger price = 64.5. Once the price of 64.5, in triggered, a buy market order is sent to the exchange.

On a whole:

  • Buy limit orders are used to buy below CMP and sell limit orders are used to buy above CMP.

  • Buy SLM orders are used to place a stoploss for your sell position, above the sell price. But it can also be used on its own to buy above CMP.

  • Sell SLM orders are used to place a stoploss for your buy position, below the buy price. But it can also be used on its own to sell below CMP.


Limit order is used to get a better price while execution.

So if cmp is 100 and u want to buy at 98 you put a limit order at 98. As price comes down and reaches 98 your order will be executed at 98 and below.

If you put a limit buy order at 64.5 when cmp is 63.8 the system will assume that you want to buy at any price 64.5 and below and hence execute it at 63.8 which is cmp.


Thank you MaverickRabidDogIa. :pray: Then please tell me how to put order above cmp?

Thank you Srinivas. :pray: Now i get it.

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This tutorial teaches you how to place orders and view the order book on Kite

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Thank You very much :pray:

When I was trying to place limit order at specific price. Its getting executed as Market orders… Becausenof this I had few losses… Can somebody explain why its happening


You can use Limit order to Buy lower than current market price, or to sell at higher than the current market price, in either case the order will remain pending till the price goes down or up respectively.
If you want to buy a stock only when the price goes up to a certain price or to sell when the price goes below a certain price, you can use SL or SLM orders.


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Is that possible to place Amo with SL or SLM orders…


Hey today i have place one sell limit order of sbi at 271 but its sell at market price why and its always happen with me

Check this