Limit sell order and Market sell order comes!

What will happen if i placed limit sell order at 100 and price is 102, someone else push market sell order. Will my order get filled or not? Who will get more priority, my earlier limit order or market order?

Your limit sell order will get executed immediately and trade at 102 if there’s an available counterparty willing to buy at 102.

Remember, use limit as the preferred order type if you want to buy at a price lower than prevailing price or sell at a price higher than market price.

To buy at a price higher than ltp and to sell at a price lower than ltp, use order type SL. You can read more on this on Zerodha varsity.

If no counterparts at my price, bulk market order will push price at lower level?

bulk buy market order will push market price up, vice versa for sell bulk order.

Wow, thanks for amazing reply and wil you take noble prize for this awesome discovery?