Link to excel not working?


Dear all,

Today, I tried to open LINK to EXCEL in PI…It opens the excel file…which contains no live data and only NA all over.

Will you please help me in this.

Am I doing anything wrong???


Select all columns and try formatting all cells to numbers.

Also Pi to excel function works well with Office 2007 package.


I faced same problem. Open both pi and excel as administrator. Wait sometime and double click on each symbol in pi Market watch.Then only data will reflect in excel.



Instead of using the default sheet created by Pi while link to Excel, you can use a permanent excel sheet, where you just simply add the Exch and Trade Symbol.

You can try this

Pi RTD works only in Excel 32 bit and version 2007 or later.
You need to add required symbols first in the Pi Market Watch to get RTD in Excel.


it was working for me till yesterday, do updating pi stop feeding quotes ?
anyone here who getting live data to excel ?


If it was working earlier and then stopped working, you should do a system restore to the day it was working.
I faced the same problem. It was working a day before and then stopped. I Simply did a system restore and it worked.



While using this RTD, Amibroker data gets frequent corruptions. Any remedy suggested ???


i get the same issue when i export a marketwatch from pi to excel.
im using excel 2010
the spreadsheet does not show the scrip name nor the values. It just shows N/A
tried running pi and excel as administrator. No Go


check this tread and let me know whether it works for you or not


Hi Ganesh
I tried your trick regarding excel error but i am still getting same error N/A please suggest
Thanks in advance