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I want to export live LTP of options in excel to do some calculations for taking entry. It is not happening in Zerodha.

Plz suggest any solution to this.

I think you’ll have to enter the LTP in your excel sheet by copy pasting. Refer NSE website if you want past data for any scripts and options.

Instead of MS-Excel, try using Google spreadsheet it provides you option of directly fetching LTP/CMP



Hope this helps


Can nifty option price also exported in google sheet ?. What is formula

He was asking for options LTP thats why I didn’t recommended this to him.

No. You cannot export Futures and Options data in Excel or Google Sheet. You can get live price of any stocks as well as Indices.

can we get old data? I want to create excel with closing price of particular stock on each day.

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This is a great idea and technique! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you can definitely do that.

In Microsoft Excel (Latest) you can use =stockhistory function. There are various sub functions.
For more info you can refer here. Get a stock quote

In Google Sheets (Online/ App) you can use =GOOGLEFINANCE function. There are various sub functions. I found more functions in Google Sheets. For more info you can refer here. GOOGLEFINANCE - Docs Editors Help


For tracking live feeds from broker platform to excel, you can use alphatrader (sasonline) or fyers one.

Google sheets has time delay.