Linking aadhar card to Mutual funds

I have invested in some mutual funds through coin platform, do I need to do any further exercise to link my aadhar card number to those funds?

Apparently, the deadline is 31st Dec 2017.

We are working on it, will put up an update shortly.

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Hi, we are trying to get a confirmation on this and will keep you posted.

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When will the update be?

Hi Joseph,

We are collecting Aadhaar details of all clients who are holding a demat acount with Zerodha. Now, since the units that are purchased through COIN are in demat form thus you can just follow the process as mentioned below to link your Aadhaar number to your demat and trading account. You dont need to visit the respective AMC or RTA website to link your Aadhaar number.

You can update the details through one of these steps :

  1. Log into Q backoffice and click on the icon as shown below.

  1. Click on the link below and update the details.


I boight 3 mutual funds in Dec 2016 through coin. I have linked my Aadhar with Zerodha. I also received separate Emails from CAMS and Karvy to link Aadhar on their respective websites. I was able to successfully link my Aadhar on Karvy website, but am facing trouble with CAMS. It gives me an error that PAN is invalid.

I hold ICICI Prudential and Aditya Birla Sun Life through CAMS. When I talked to the representative, he said there is an issue with ICICI Prudential as it is held in demat form and I need to talk to my DP for linking Aadhar. Please help me in understanding if linking to Zerodha will automatically link my Aadhar to all my MF holdings?
I also sent a couple of emails to support- one last week and one today, but haven’t received any reply yet, which is very odd as Zerodha support is usually very responsive.


sir, the earlier issued aadhar cards have only year of birth on it. how to go through the verification ? it is not accepting just year of birth.

@Arshdeep89 The same query has been answered above. If you have linked Aadhar with your Zerodha trading and demat account, that will suffice. You don’t have to link it with individual AMCs.

Fill your PAN card D.O.B while verification.

thanks dude, it is server problem. will try tomorrow.

Thanks Bhvanesh. Since CAMS wasn’t accepting my PAN as valid, just wanted to be doubly sure.

I have recently got an email from DSP Blackrock mentioning that AADHAAR needs to be linked across all Folios mandatorily. This is the message I have received:

Pursuant to the PMLA notification dated 1st June, 2017 issued by the Ministry of Finance, all investors (new and existing) will be required to mandatorily provide / update their Aadhaar numbers for all holders in any folio, before 31st December, 2017. Failing this, the folio would be locked as a “Non-Operative Account” for any further transactions.

However, since I have purchased this Folio through Coin I believe there must be a way to link AADHAAR with these folios through Coin. Please let me know how I can make sure that my Folios will not be locked as non-operative account.

Raj Pawan G

Same issue here, getting multiple emails from CAMS and karvy to link aadhar, already updated on Zerodha and i don’t know why every one wants to start a new aadhar story. Why can’t we have a central service where aadhar and PAN are there and why can’t others link with it instead of troubling customers again and again. This aadhar is a half baked product and its a “me too” like SSN in US but without the infrastructure or the skillset.