Liquid beEs nitigrities

Hi, I have the following questions in Liquid BeEs

  1. Now that Zerodha removed the brokerage for equity delivery, how much will be the changes if I buy/sell 100 liquid bees worth 1lakh (1000/- per unit) including transactional charges and other taxes?

  2. Since liquid bees pay the devident on daily basis interms of patial units (once in a month), what happens when I buy 100 units and buy it after 5 days? will 5 day divident credited into my account even after I sell 100 units?

  3. Lets say I have 100 units of liquid bees today and I spotted a good equity delivery opportunity today. Can I sell Liquid Bess and immediately use the limit to buy some stocks? I know settlement cycle for liquid bee is still T+2

  1. No STT on liquid bees, so only exchange transaction charges ( Rs 325 per crore or Rs 3.25 per lakh).

  2. Yes.

  3. You can sell liquid bees and immediately use that funds to buy stocks.

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What is the total transaction charge per 1,00,000 Rs of investment in LiquidBees?

How do Liquid Bees Transactions affect the Equity Turnover for taxation purpose? Do we include the full sell amount as turnover even in case of liquid bees?

Liquid bees can be shown as capital gains and not business income. So there is no question of turnover and all.

So, if I am showing it as capital gains, will I be taxed as per STCG (15%) if I sell the liquid bees within a year?

For eg: I buy 1 unit of liquid bees for Rs. 1000 on 1st Oct, 2017. After one month I have accrued, say, additional 0.2 units. Now, If I sell the 1.2 units on 1st Nov, 2017, will my profit of Rs. 200 be treated as STCG and taxed at 15%?