Liquidity of Gsec - Bonds

Do the Gsec Bonds have enough volume in secondary Market?. How easy is it easy to liquidate Gsec Bonds ? Or there another way to liquidate these Gsec Bonds ?

I don’t think so as still inter-depository transfer is not implemented for RBI monitored securities( both G bonds and SGBs (sovereign gold bonds)) many brokers won’t allow buying in secondary markets,only selling is allowed hence the liquidity is very bad.

Not so easy if it is huge quantity, one can place a limit order and hope someone will hit it.

Okay Thank you. This was very quick .
Thank you helping Retail Investors.

Forum is great source of information and queries get answered instantly …Hatsoff you guys.

@siva Sir is there way to sell this without secondary market?

You sell it throguh IDBI Samriddhi

You can not accept GSEC back anymore? You used to do it until its listed on exchanges. I suggest taking down long term GSEC if you cannot guarantee liquidity. Would save lots of complaints.

You can sell it through the IDBI portal. Whether you sell it there or through us, assuming we buy it back, the process won’r change.

For Client ID in IDBI Samridhhi Registration we need to put in Demat ID (IPO) YES?