List of all trades in a day in any instrument

Hi All,

Is it possible to get a list of all trades done in a day in a particular instrument along with trade price and quantity from the exchanges or from anywhere else.


You mean break up of total executed trades in the exchange in a particular scrip ?

All trades starting from regular market open till regular market close for the day.

Not possible I guess. Check this post.

Maybe what you need is Tick-By-Tick data. Exchange too provides it but setting up infrastructure isn’t feasible for retail trader (Explained here by Nithin; How do I get tick by tick data directly via NSE) There are many data vendors who provide this data for certain fee, you can search this forum for more, there are many threads/posts on TBT Data Vendors.

Not looking for it in real time, consolidated data after market closes would also be ok.

These Data Vendors also provide Historical Tick Data, you can explore more by doing Google search.

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