List of bank who doesn't support ALPHABETICAL Account Number?

Can any one tale us which banks are not allow us to add beneficiary with ALPHABETICAL Account Number for IMPS?

This question not related to trading…or anything related to trading…as per my understanding in India bank account numbers are only numeric …But in abroad its alphanumeric specially i have account in Dubai(Its alphanuemric)

Why do you think it’s not?

It’s called IBAN

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Its kind of country code for i9nternational traanancxtion

I thinks its not applicable to retails customer… only corparate entity will get bank account number in alphabets

It’s very much applicable to A “Retail” Trader who trades with Zerodha

Told you already, it’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

If we can not able to add fund to our trading account than in that case how can we trade ?!!!

Yes Bank not allowing us to add beneficiary with Alphabetical Account Number like Zerodha have.

So if one can have whole set of list of bank which not offering such facility to add beneficiary having such kind of number, it will be of great help to them especially person who just opened account and trying to add beneficiary to transfer fund via. IMPS mode which is also free.

Well they have given alternative account number if you cant add the account with only Alphabets.