List of companies for Intraday trading

Hi, is there a list of companies that can only be used for Intraday trading in Zerodha?

Here - Equity margins - Zerodha Margin Calculator

You can get 5x leverage for intraday trades on these stocks. So, you could technically buy or sell shares worth 1 lacs with 20k of margin. You will have to square off by 3:20pm.


@Suyash.K thank you, could you please let me know if there is any materials which a beginner like me can use to know about intra day trading in Zerodha. Cause just to test the waters, I bought one stock for 57 and then sold it for 59. But I cant see any change in my balance. Is there something that I don’t understand?

Do you see +ve in your MTM page?


The profit will be credited at the end of the day but you can see the profit in Positions.

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Hi @jashjacob if MTM page means the positions page, then yes I can see +ve.

@GoutamHebbar yes I can see it on positions page, thank you.

For learning the basics, I think Zerodha Varsity is the best.

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Suyash.K @GoutamHebbar @jashjacob Thank you for responding, you guys have been a great help. :+1: