List of name changes of Companies

Is there a official/reliable source of all name changes of companies in the past ?

I could see some list floating around web but not accurate. eg: Bajaj corp changed to bajaj consumer but it doesn’t show this.

List of change in company names is available on the exchange and depository websites -

  • NSDL (Includes unlisted companies, contains ISIN, date of name change is not present, 6700+ name changes)
  • CDSL (Includes unlisted companies, date of name change is not present, 5700+ name changes)
  • BSE (Has the date of the name change, contains BSE Scrip Code, 2400+ name changes)
  • NSE (Has the date of name change, contains NSE Tradingsymbol, includes listed MFs data, 2100+ name changes)

Thank u Prayag so much. This is really grt info. :slight_smile: