List of NSE Derivative contract expiry dates

Any one know some source from where we can get correct information of all the past Nifty expiry dates ?

If someone has saved it for personal use, can you post the list please ?

I know the method for finding the expiry date, by going to NSE site and choosing F&O -> select Historical Data from DropDown List -> Contract-wise Price Volume Data and look at the drop down in the Expiry Date Section.
But the above methods show a lot of values in the drop down column, when we select it for any year like 2018. Whereas I am looking for just the 12 dates for the monthly expiry of Nifty for year 2018, and so on for other years as well.

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Can some experienced users please comment @nithin, @Sensibull @VelmuruganSengottai, @Newbie420, @RSOptions, @MohammedFaisal, @Umar, @iSTFF,

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We have 2018 and 2019. Can you please drop a mail to help We will send it

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you can get this info from historical data in nseindia site …
select nifty futures and select the year and i can see only 12 expiry dates for that year :wink:

if we select bank nifty , then we will get so many values …

Thanks sensibull. I have sent the email. Is there any chance to get this information for the previous years as well ?

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Thanks for replying @VelmuruganSengottai

Please select the year 2018 in that link and then you will see that it is throwing up so many dates there and not just the required 12 dates for that respective year.

You have selected the year 2000 in that snap, please select 2018 year once.

Thanks a lot again. Best Regards.

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yeah … for 2018 it shows almsot all weekly strikes

i tried by selecting stock futures as “Reliance” , it shows proper expiry from 2001 to 2017 … lists everything for 2018 though

for stock options it shows properly even for 2018

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Thanks again for the reply.
Ya, trying the stock future is a better idea. If there is no better method, then I will manually note down the date from that drop down list.

Thank you so much and Best Regards

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@Sensibull, when I was manually confirming all the expiry dates for the year 2018, I realized that you guys have made a mistake in the calculation for March 2018 Expiry.

You have written the expiry date as 22 March 2018, but the correct expiry date was 28 March 2018, Wednesday.

I thought that maybe I should remind you about this error.
Once again, thanks a lot for helping with your excel sheet.

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Hey yes, you are right.

We went live in April - May, so I didn’t double check that part. My bad

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