Listing of more MFs with Coin

@nithin Please advise when will more Direct MFs be available on the platform.
There is a major chunk of good performance MFs not listed on the platform as of now like ‘DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund’, ‘Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund’ and many others.

DSP microcap has stopped accepting funds. So they are not available for fresh investment anywhere. Mirae asset and a few others still don’t have capability of direct mutual funds in demat. They are working on offering it. As soon as they are ready, you will have it on coin.

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@nithin sir, waiting for Franklin Templeton Funds…please see if you could add them too.

Franklin is still not ready to provide direct MF in demat form. We are pushing them to have this done fast.

Any updates on new AMCs getting listed?

@nithin I have stopped all my previous Regular Funds from different Broker to join Zerodha. I am now sitting on my monthly 30K SIP funds and not getting the funds I want to invest on. Is it possible to start the SIP with the respective fund houses in Direct funds and later add those folios to Zerodha when they join Coin?

@Ananya_Ray I find your query legit and I am not answering on behalf of @nithin, though it would be good to have further clarifications from Zerodha personal for the query raised by you.

As per my understanding the scenario you mentioned would not be feasible as Zerodha operates as a separate entity altogether and not directly with the fund house. Also there is no provision which allows such associations with fund houses directly on Coin portal.
I terminated further investments in my Regular Plan MF and started investing in the same MF of the Direct Plan type through Zerodha Coin, to continue investing in the same MF.

You can start SIP with respective fund houses in direct/demat mode. When you start using Coin, the folio number will be new as such.