Little confused about NAV when we redeem mutual funds

To give you an example today on July 20th 2018 nifty closed about 50 points higher than yesterday. Now if I sell equity mutual funds units after market close …lets say 6 pm on July 20th 2018.

What NAV will I get ? I will get NAV of July 19th or 20th or Monday July 23rd?

I read same day NAV if we redeem before cut off time but before market close, how do we know same day NAV?

And is there any sure way to find most recent NAV …should I go to AMC website after 6 pm so find latest NAv?

If you have placed the order at 6 pm then the order will be processed on the next working date which is 23rd July at the NAV of the same date. The AMC releases the NAV on their website of a particular day after 9 or 10 pm.

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where can I check NAV of company that is released after 9 or 10pm? Lead me there. I used to check MF portfolio in Money-control, they used to update after 12AM. Really irritated with this part.