Live data to Excel/Google spreadsheet

I was able to link the option chain for real time update. Do anyone able to link the live data to spreadsheet for Nifty 50 stocks ? Or FO stocks please ?

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hey, you can use GOOGLEFINANCE to show data in google spreadsheets like this =GOOGLEFINANCE(“NSE:STAR”,“price”) to show the current price of the STAR from NSE.
Read this for more examples
Hope it helped. :slight_smile:


@S_gupta wht is the method u used fr linking option chain fr real time update in Excel?

Hi…It is not working for me. Can you share the spread sheet?

I can see you have just copied and pasted it into spreadsheet. :sweat_smile: try trying it manually.

Done that too Divaksh…no luck…

Impossible!! The problem is " symbol you have to type them manually. It will work.

Thanks. It worked in Google spread sheet but not in excel 2013 as the function itself is not available in excel. Hope my assumption on excel is correct…Thanks for your time again

HI @Divaksh or any one who can help.

In the following GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, [attribute], [start_date], [end_date|num_days], [interval]) structure, can we have the ticker data (say Nse and star stored in a different cells say a1 and a2, and use the reference in the function in a3 =GOOGLEFINANCE(“a1:a2”,“price”). I am not able to do this however. Thanks

yes its not working, but there is solution
put following data in respective cells
cell A1 - NSE:
cell A2 - ACC
cell A3 - =TEXTJOIN(" ", true, A1, A2)
cell A4 - =GOOGLEFINANCE(A3, “price”)

Thanks Ganesh. However it is behaving a bit oddly with NA error even though textjoin is giving proper result… But even without exchange code, the prices are getting retrieved which solved my problem. Thanks for your time and inputs. However, I will try to examine the error I am getting anyways and update

HI, In continuation to the above, my observations are as follows. For Stocks on NSE with a code of 3 letters, the prices are not correct. say for e.g. ACC or PTC etc. For stocks not listed on NSE and I had to give Nse:stock code., If ticker code is given as “BSE:stock code” prices are not fetched.

Thanks and Regards

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Hi…I have got a solution to fetch BSE price.

You need to use BOM as exchange code and BSE security code (numeric code) instead of security id.

For e.g., to fetch price of Frontier Springs Ltd (FRONTSP) you need to give the function as follows: =Googlefinance(“bom:522195”)

no space
paste below formula
its working

Any way to put options data in Google sheets??

yes its easy to get

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yes we can do buy getting the data from nse web site of any other website using

Better we can use =GOOGLEFINANCE(“NSE:” &A2, “PRICE”) in A column you can add all symbols and just cut paste all fields…