Live Option Chain

HI Zerodha
Your competitor upstox have lunched live option chain with option Greeks.
and they became first broker in India to provide that facility
When you are planing to lunch that most important feature for option traders.


Live option chains are already available on many Retail Trading Platforms in India, even before upstox introduced it recently.

Reliance , ICICI , Fyers etc all have live option chain on their trading platforms many years back.

Many want to become First in India for something, But we all know Zerodha is India’s First Discount Broker.

i am aware about live option chain is available with many brokers.
but i expect same from zerodha also, because now they charge brokerage from Option and intraday traders only.
so they have to provide few good things to them .
I am the part of zeroda from its starting days, so just expecting very basic functionality from its platform

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It will be good to have them in the zerodha platform too.

If it helps you can utilize these free Option chains , meanwhile



Nse option chain data is 2 min. delay. Where else we can get the live option chain data? and how can i export it to excel so that i can get live data in excel itself ? Sensibull we can get, but can not export to excel (Live data) .


Not aware of any other source for Option chain data.