Live Q&A: Ask Nilesh shah anything about investing in mutual funds


We’ll be doing a live Q&A session with Nilesh Shah, Managing Director (MD) of Kotak Mutual Fund. Nilesh is the veteran of the Indian markets with over 25 years of experience in capital markets and market-related investments, having managed funds across equity, fixed income securities and real estate for local and global investors.

Please post any questions you have about mutual funds, asset allocation, or any other questions related to investing and we’ll have Nilesh answer your questions live tomorrow.

The Q&A will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

In example 1 year debt fund return showing more than 10 % . But their holding mostly giving return of 7 to 8 % . How the fund can generate more return than holding ?

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Which ETFs kotakmf is planning to open next?

Will I be able to redeem ELSS mutual fund (In any circumstances), If its still under login period?

Hello. Nilesh, do you think mutual funds are rival of the growth in banking sector?

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I will be able to invest max Rs. 2,000 every mth in SIP’s (preferably Equity segment over time horizon of 8-10 yrs). (Will gradually increase this amount of 2,000 subsequently)
My question is:

  1. should I spread out this 2,000 over 2 MF’s SIP or should I just stick to 1 MF…? What could be the possible pros and cons of spreading this amount over 2-3 MF’s)

  2. Also should I consider hybrid MF’s owing to the high volatility in current days in equity markets or stick to equity segment only considering long time horizon of investment? (Consider risk appetite to be moderately high)

Dear sir, I have read lot of about side pocketing. Can you please explain the concept?

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Here’s the recording of the Q&A.