Live trade sharing

Here fello trader can post there trade . Entry point ,exit point,reason behind entry and exit. It’s may sound like opentrade but star in opentrade not interact in this platform. There are many star in this forum,they can share and we can try to understand how they trade.


Who has time to do all that bro? That too for free? Aren’t you expecting too much?


Just buy MOTHERSUMI nov 370 call at 11.6
Lot size 3750. It’s a positional trade.

Bought INFIBEAM At 156.75

bought vedl…

Show us your trade book , order book , positions, account page.




Lookes Like operator Started their Game in INFIBEAM.

how to know which stock may operaters driven

  1. A Sudden Trend Reversal.
  2. Suspicious Bids & Offers Quantity.
    And This will Last For Few Mins Only Untill They will EAT some StopLoss and They will Move To Next Stock And This Goes On and On…
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Sir, How do they actually do this, ie. eating stoplosses and who does this?
Can u elaborate please?

Bids & Offer quantity is not trustworthy.

Many big traders don’t disclose their quantity so that hardly adds up to the data you get on your screen.

I have Already answered This with Example.

share the link please

Buy CASTROL 420 call at 15 .
Lot size 1400

What basis? Naked call buying

See chart ,volume,Option data. My All fno position are taken for one week sometimes one month. Currently I am holding NTPC future,MOTHERSUMI 370 call,CASTROL india 420 call . yesterday I exited JAIN IRRIGATION 105 call if hold today i would make more money .

What exactly did you see in chart, can you enlightened us?

News Coming that There is NTPC power plant blast.

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At every moment in market hours same chart is present in front of every trader ,but the fact is that one is bullish and other is bearish. Chart is same what you see matter…

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