Live trade sharing


Out of short, took 700 profit…


may goto 1695…


Yes, it’s again on falling


Bought nifty dec fut @ 10404.
Nifty moving in a close range today after gap down opening.


Added another lot at 2272


Can enter in Nifty ?? Buy Dec??


Any cash call? For intraday


Nifty is slowly moving upwards on a daily basis, but the movement is negligible on a weekly basis. Even though it crossed 10400, it is still being pulled downwards to the 10375 level sometimes.

Overall, it is lacking a strong direction. Maybe wait a little more and see how it works out.


exited from both lot at 2288 with little loss


Sold 2 lots Nifty nov 10400 CE @ 32.




Is it gonna work today?


Which website is it ??


@ vijender88

25600PE MADE HIGH OF 300+


Bought pcjewellers 420 call at 16.55 and hold for December. It’s has potential to give high return.


Is Nifty will gain on Monday?


RBI’s monetary policy on 6 December.
That’s why Investor are waiting for 6 December for confirmation. Till then up & down.


SBI buy @311 would be a good investment?


You will get better price than this.
But If You believe there is no Down trend below this you can buy.

And if you really wanna buy.
Buy in Half quantity and if goes down buy some more.



bought a otm expiry pair,
not a pair trader just checking something to work