Live trade sharing


Dont say Thanks.
Now, You have 2 Options.
OFF LOAD Some quantity at this Price. and Wait for remaining quantity to Recover that loss.


Bro, Holding or Booked your Profit?


Exited both at 709.8.thanks lets_invest


Congratulations :+1:


Partially exited at 1837 and rest executed by zerodha making some loss.


bought vedl@ 307.40


short dlf @224


Nifty just seems to be moving in a range. Bought dec fut, sold nov fut - expecting a touchdown to 10260 for nifty spot, but overall positive in few days




Look for some Opportunities in RAIN at 15 min Time frame. Quickly.


thank bro but i have open position in wipro


wipro bought @295.40


Buy or sell rain


i think it is sell


Today’s bet hopihoping good return.


Miss it good suggestion…


Suppose I want to buy VOLTAS at 622 Sl 619 and target 626 trailing stop 1 what will be set up for bo. Facing problem with bo. Plz help.


Square off nifty nov fut buy at 10297. Was shorted at 10324.

Bought dec fut at 10331. Hoping to have intraday gains. Have another cnc dec fut open bought at 10660


Sell call.
I sold at 327.50 now, Trailing stoploss doing the work.


In Stop-loss fill = 3
In Target fill = 4
In Trailing Stop-loss = 1.