Livetradesystem's TAKIT software

I am a new player in the market and looking for some software in which I can do some of my research work(analysis),

the livetradesystem’s TAKIT software can help me out form this …

Answers are always welcome

Hmm… They have revamped the website, the last time I visited them was back in 2011 when I was new just like you. And Unfortunately bought their software which is a plugin in Amibroker, They also give you amibroker trial version along with it. Back then it was being sold for around Rs.3000/- something now don’t know how much they are asking.

I must say they are running a shady business and and they are still in business people still buy their shit!!!

I never made money with their software and their support sucks, they also run a real time data service which also sucks, Lol… am I being too harsh on them? In the name of customer support they will copy paste answers repeatedly.

So do not spend your money on trading system take from my experience. If a system is making money no body will sell it to you that cheap.

And if you want to be successful trader you need three things.

  1. Good system.

  2. Good trade management in place.

  3. And a good emotional management system.

So spend your money to meet the successful traders and learn from them. Or there are a lot of online forums where you will get exposure to some very good traders and analysts.

Beat of luck.