Long Position in Nifty Option

Hi All,
Currently NIFTY 50 is trading on 10918 and showing as usual BULL side.
Now I want to take a long position in NIFTY OPTION JAN 2018
nifty open
So Please guide me on below :-

  1. How to take Long Position?
  2. How much I have to pay for taking 1 lot?
  3. At what time should I take position?
  4. Is it good or bad to take long position in NIFTY OPTION ?
    Please reply me in details.
  1. Long a call option means buying it and holding
  2. thats for nifty considering 61 rate for one lot of 75 comes out 61x75= 4575 rs required.
  3. it depends on your approach when you want to buy it weather at days low or at peak etc.
  4. there is nothing good or bad …its your trading choice on your view…few trade on bullish side and few trade on bearish side…

if you want more details how option prices get affected by different parameters read zerodha varsity…its simple and best explanation.


Place a buy order on NIFTY JAN 10900 CE to take a long position on nifty.

With the rates on your Order book, the total cost will be 61.50 x 75 = 4612.50 INR

As per your analysis, you can place buy order any time while the markets are open.

That’s one thing only time can tell.

Thanks ,
BUY with NRML option… Am I right ? And I have to sell before 31st Jan ?


@nandan_priya You can hold it till 25th Jan because 25th Jan is the expiry day

I am also in the queue of getting into school of options…
Today TCS breaches 3000.
TCS Jan 3000 PE declined 50 points
TCS Jan 3000 CE rises 100 points
Obviously, people who bought Call options of it gained…
Do we have to sell put option or buy put option for gaining profit? Selling put option?

How about reliance January 1000 Call option?

Ok. Now understood. 25th Jan is last Thursday, so it will expire on 25th .

Today in last time frame if someone who sold the option PE of TCS,can make a good point tommorow.
And yes TCS option is really on boom… Really nice move…

Hi ,
One more question , What’s about NIFTY 18MARCH CE ? Is this option will expire on 29th March ?
Please reply.

No…it vil in march.

Yes , It will expire in MARCH , but when ? Last thursday of march ?
Untill Which Date I am hold it safely.

March 29 is holiday, so expiry is on 28 th March.

Ok Thanks for reply. So I can easily hold it till March 28th…