Looking for Distant course on Stock markets

I am looking for distant course from a reputable university with good course content on stock markets and which is recognizable all over the world.I am pretty sure, its not there is India so would like to ask if anything available outside India?

Investopedia runs various courses on stock market but i don’t think its recognizable but you can appear for CFA or CMT exam after preparing on Investopedia. both these certificates are recognized worldwide.


courses about stock market, everybody is giving it but they will teach you the same technical analysis and then out. if you want to learn, i would recommend you the following:

  1. try to learn by yourself by reading the books and then about tech analysis and funda analysis.
  2. if you wan to learn, then you can learn from the mutual funds managers, because they are always looking for profits and they can give you more detailed. i mean the major points required in investing.
  3. courses are good but they will try to sell these courses expensive, you can join a few, which are good but i would recommend that join the institute which shows its profit and loss statement regularly, because it matters in stock market to be profitable and then you can join them.
    good luck,
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