Loosing Profit by Booking Early

Bought 9th Jan Bank Nifty 32500 PE yesterday and ended up at -4500 by the end of the day. Hoping to cut losses, I sold it way too early today when the market open and the price went up and ended up missing +5000 profit. I saved my capital however. How do you guys deal with missing profits ?

Ironically, yesterday I couldn’t book profit because I didn’t made the sell on the right time and the price just went down after that; free falling for the entire day.


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its all part of the learning curve for new traders. keep learning and don’t repeat same mistakes again. but that’s hard to do while trading options where one doesn’t have idea of where to keep target and where to keep stop loss.

Yesterday night, I was dwelling on the losses and was hoping to not loose all that cash. Today morning, after being happy for saving the capital with some little profit, can’t stop staring at the charts right now. It’s +6000 right now what I’ve missed. Made a promise to not take any trades for while so not doing so…

you are just starting, maybe first you should trade in equities and then think about options, they are lucrative but also that much riskier to trade. don’t let yourself down by one loss, just don’t trade options until you dont have proper tested strategy to trade them.

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This very thought says you are not yet ready for trading derivatives. Emotions have no place here. Neither does fear, greed, regret or temptations. You cannot trade on impulse. You did the right thing by cutting your losses yesterday. All technicals pointed towards higher trade on the index. If not for US-Iran tensions and rise in Crude price, there would not have been such a fall today. Surely you could not have foreseen this yesterday. You made the correct choice with the information you had yesterday. So, don’t gamble or speculate and hedge your positions. And there will be many days where you would be thankful that you exited your positions early instead of waiting for bigger profits.


I’m just glad I didn’t loose my capital. You are right, I won’t be trading for a while in derivates. Planning on studying a bit more.

Today Sold canbk @226.05 Trailing SL hit @225.70 talk about bad luck … Canbk ended at 221.65

I don’t know on what technical grounds you are trading.
I would like to suggest you & all Zerodha clients to use HMA (Hull Moving Average) instead of SMA or EMA. All my trading is Intraday, so I use 20 period & 5 minutes timeframe.
It reduces the noise considerably. Hope this will help you in future trading.

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Your Offset is 0 right ?

Thanks will try that