Loss in 4 lakh in intraday trade

You should show us in your demat account and not in Moneycontrol. :slight_smile:

These are investments made with time horizon of 3-5yrs.

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dont get frustrated that will make you think more negative.
avoid trading in huge numbers …if you want to, trade in minor quantity.
if possible get advice from certified investment adviser…follow him to the extent you feel comfortable.
Dont loose hope there are alws ways.
Maintain healthy daily schedule and food that will help you to keep your mind positive.

Liked your idea of entering buy prices as higher than actual to prevent the temptation of buying. It won’t let one calculate the actual return of the portfolio, although relative performance can still be tracked in case one wants to rebalance the portfolio.

I know how much I have invested. So the actual return of the portfolio can be calculated.

kindly repost your money managment rule once again thanks

oh sorry you have already reposted it

Most of people are trying to make quick money. Almost all of them are gonna fail in trading. The odds of becoming a successful trader are less than 0.1% .

Instead people should focus on making investment for long term. SIP of 30k for 20 years at 15% will become 5 Crores. That is something people should focus on. You have to decide what you wanna do. Patience is needed to make big bucks. It sounds boring but thats the reality. Either keep losing money in trading or try this approach. If you can’t invest yourself then put your money into mutual funds.

Everyone knows what I have said till now but no one seems to be interested in making money the hard way. I think the hard ways are the most sustainable and sure shot ways of making money. Peace !


@Arjun_singh1 For all the money you have invested in trading…How much money have you invested in learning ?attending courses ? or to even have a mentor? …Instead of next big trade can you look at next best course to learn?..it may help you for life time? …I wish you best Man…

Here is something for you to read in leisure…


I have lost 30 thousand in only 3 trade i don’t use stoploss

@Muktar_Kulhari Sorry to known about your about your loss bro but again sorry to say the answer (you must also be knowing) is in your statement… no stoploss!!! It’s common across the table!

If you are going through a bad patch then you need to stop trading for a while. Recovering your loss is the most difficult part of the Forex trading as it requires a new mangement and plan for your trades. You need to stay back and start working on the demo account for developing a good plan.

here is a newly uploaded video regarding " practice stock market trading while doing your job easy method part 1 hindi " i am still too confused about practicing intraday or postional trading

Sorry but stop this and go home.You are addicted to revenge trading.It will destroy your life and money.Just stop trading as it is not for you.Trading requires discipline and emotional control.You clearly lack these and you shouldn’t have borrowed money to trade in first place.When you feel like you can control your emotions and made a capital not by borrowing then comeback and trade.


Stop Day trading… It’s not for you… Track the indexes, and buy options when you see a bull run, put option, when you see a bear run, track the global markets and the local markets, and you’ll recover in time. Don’t Intraday.


Monthly salary is 15000/- how to do sip of 30000/- better to trade…

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Trading with scared capital is one of the deadly sins of intraday trading.

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Do you math, it’s easy to earn 2% per month but hard to earn 2% per day. If you are taking a personal loan, then it’s better to stick with 2% per month as your risk is high.

Last but not the least, never take a personal loan. Work your ass off in a cubicle for 2 years in a 12 hour shift if you have to but never take a personal loan.

Its becoz of people like you, sebi has started imposing many restrictions.