Loss in stock market

I lost 20 lakh in stock market, how long it takes to recover…I took money from credit card and now facing repayment pressure…more than 2 lakh credi card debit… please suggest me

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Are you really interested in trading and stock market in general? If yes you will come out of this. If no you better gear up and payoff your debts.

Yes im interested, but now im facing this issue

Go back to learning, paying off loans and building small capital base first. A colleague of mine lost 12 lakhs in trading on a single trade. The very first thing he did is to make peace with the fact that the losses have been incurred and there is no easy way out of this. He has since then paid off his loans he took for trading and is now pursuing CMT. Usually it will take a bit to come out of this. The best thing right now is to avoid revenge trading and getting whatever help you can to payoff your loans.


I hpoe your friend is come out from this now

He has.

dear @RJ_pradeep_kumar few months back i came across your video which was posted on a whatsapp group, in which you are guiding how to earn 2k in just 5k.
(pls refr your video id: watch?v=6aT4GLBMgpM)

now you are saying you have lost.
this is complitely out of my understading, how a youtube guru can loose money in stock market.

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That strategy is now also working, but because of expectations in market i lost this much money traded with pressure

Don’t worry. Be positive.
Don’t revenge trade.
Everything will soon turn around.
Do what you love and be cautious in stock market.
Be patient and don’t get depressed.
I’m sure that you recover all your losses and other debt soon. :pray:

Set a goal for yourself on why you want to earn - not just to set off your loans but maybe to complete a dream or life goal,
That will motivate you to gain more knowledge on stock market ,
Many websites like varsity has huge amount of knowledge regarding stock markets, if you already know it all refreshing some knowledge might help,
Be patient and calm and start investing/trading with whatever small amount you can. Good luck :blush::+1:.

This is a relatively an old post since Jan, but since I read it today, I have only one suggestion, Do not keep the credit card debt by paying the minimums. You need to go and get it converted into a personal loan or any other type of loan. It just cannot be in credit card outstanding as the interest rate on overdues are astronomical.

The remaining 18 lacks which you have lost (sad to hear) hope it is not borrowed money. If it is your own capital, you can recover it over time.

just leave the market bro.
stock market is not for everyone.

you are not suited for stock market.
leave it and live happily.