Loss of edge (every trader's nightmare )

in last month i have made more than 1L in profit. i trade in nifty and bank nifty options hedge. my Account is at about 2.8L to 3L and i shoot it to 4.2L in month. now due to i don’t know what happened i have blown that 1Lk profit in just 2 weeks.
mistake 1:- over confidence
mistake 2:- change of trading system
mistake 3:- i losses 35k in sigle trade and still not reduced my position size

now the que. is more ppl are try to find some good strategy and i had one but due to just over confidence and "feeling boring "
i blown my whole 1L cap/profit in 2 weeks

moral of the story to became trader you just need 3 thing

1-money management (90%)
2-psychology (7%)
3-some what OKOK strategy (3%)

to purpose of this post is to aware those who are new to this market and search for holly grail…


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