Lost 12.8 Lakhs, Still going, Still learning!


this is one of the strategy i am using in commodity with in three month we can get 80 % return with out any headache

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Here one trader is sharing his experience and journey. Hats off to you @Redd.

Then secondly we see a swarm of uninvited advices and suggestions. Don’t you see it people? He is on the path. It takes time. And he is doing his time.

One day, he ll shine out. If he doesn’t quit, given that he learns and crawls out from the loopholes he creates.

I have serious respect for this profession call trading. It’s not a hobby. It’s a business.

And you go to college for 3-4 years and is a job guaranteed after all those tuition fees and student loans?

Don’t lose heart. It’s just that you haven’t put enough time yet. And never risk more than your experience.

Keep going.


Hey there @Riyas_Ahamed, can you give your track record of the last say 8 years. Solid unedited, with tax filings and all trade journals.

Instead of easily giving out your phone number. Maybe you ought to let people know, you are a master first. Then only you can guide “students”.


Hey my dear Ronin, i really agreed your argument ,i try to guide @reddy only , i never ask money for education , thats really no need for me , i am making good profit then why i want to get money from other people for sharing a knowledge , no need , that is not an good idea sharing a profit sheet in social media , but for you i will share last year profit my capital 20l last year profit 9.5 l


@Riyas_Ahamed It was never intended as an argument. If you are doing good, mad respect, as always for every traders out there. But I ld be less intrigued by your work sheet.

As a “profitable” trader, you ld know, there are no fix strategies. Your strategies ld be best suited for yourself and as per your personality. Your strategy imposed on me, ld probably fail, as I am a different person than you. That’s the reason, sharing profits are merely a hogwash.

And maybe you had other intentions. It ld be hard to believe as you publicly shared your number but you ld rather decline sharing your profits. Hmm, fake wannabe gurus are rampant. I am not calling you one. But won’t leave the doubt either, for our community of traders.


@Riyas_Ahamed something is not right when u say this 20 l 9.5 l thing

I am sure commodity markets would have severely beaten the portfolio too.

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@Riyas_Ahamed Thanks for your empathy & for everyone. Everyone should understand that, we all are on same boat of stock market. Weather we make profits or losses, that’s part of any business. This is not certain to stock markets, This goes all around the world from small stores to large Walmart, Any business will go through this stage of P&L.

Being in social forum, we should understand and take all the necessary advice’s, I strongly believe. It might work or not, That’s secondary.

@ronin_sha, You just made me smile! :joy: :joy::joy::joy:. You got my point very clearly. A special thanks for your comments.

@Riyas_Ahamed. Chill out man!

I’m okay with doing Intraday. If someone is not able to do it? it doesn’t mean others can’t do it. There is always a possibility to do anything we want. Here i see just few digits roll up & down. As I said earlier, “Smart will survive” “Dumb will die”

In the end, The reason i created this post to know the losses of other traders. Not to see profits. Indeed ready to accept the advice.


I believe this to large extent. I felt this all the time, Throughout my journey. @ronin_sha


@Redd What has worked for me is only hedged options trading. It’s really difficult to control the urge to go unhedged in order to make higher potential profits, but that results into uncontrolled losses more often than not. So the lesson I have learnt is “Make small profits but consistently”.

Wish you good luck!


Sorry to know…then share your learning here on he platform so that other dont loose.

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Trading for a living expectation

I don’t know @Redd what to say !!! but 1st I have to agree with your point when U learning with time; that’s what the life is all about. So that’s cool.
But on other side don’t think you 1st need to understand market well coz if your account net is loss only then their is some issue. let’s have a talk might be I am wrong but yes you need to fix your knowledge a bit more about market

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Thanks @vikas426. I’m already way beyond my losses. This post is end of my failures. I’m sustaining right now, Earlier it was tough. Some people quit, I didn’t & I won’t. So eventually i over come this. Still some times i see small panicked trades. Which I will overcome.


agree and as U r firm believer of self learning\exploring… this the best way to go buddy

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@vikas426 Superlike for your comment! Thank you

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How much you guys lost so far? Time? @ksksat @VigeVet @maddy_Des ( Sarcastic) @Riyas_Ahamed @ronin_sha @Anil30 @sanoj.kashyap @vikas426


@Redd for me trading is knowledge gathering …i am a job going mentality person…but trading live boosts my self confidence as seeing huge money changing hands within seconds awakens my spirits…

Time i invested good amount in listening to lot of materials…but live trade not yet in derivative

Last year was my first trading year…ended with net loss Rs 3700.

This fin year in Rs 2200 net profit so far

Intra day and swing trading

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Learning will less money. Cool! @ksksat :grin:


Sorry did not get ur sentence

Capital was 2 lacs…but not from day 1 this capital…:slight_smile:

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Well @Redd
Vige.Dr trading biography

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@Redd Making 30-35% annually on average for the last 3 years.