Lost 12.8 Lakhs, Still going, Still learning!



It’s been 2 years I lost total of 12.8 Lakhs. I paid around 3.6 Brokerage to zerodha alone! Lol! :smiley:.

Well, when i started it was tough for me to see profit trades. But now i make profits at small proportion without doubt. I only trade Intraday, Never invested & never will. This place is awesome. I see money vanishes in few seconds & vice versa.

I made 40k in a day, I lost a 70k in a day. This journey was long, I don’t have any destination. I will be keep going as long as i stand myself with this money world. At the beginning it was damn tough to make 100 bucks, but today I make 100 bucks in my washroom. “Takes Time”- This is i believe. Considering all the failures, upgrading day by day making me better than yesterday.

I would like to see the figures how many lost how much in what time? Exited.

Deactivate f&0 from my account

Sorry to say . think u want to be mentally satisfied by seeing others loss . Dont mind. Sorry once again

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lol! Mentally satisfied by seeing others loss? Does it look like? I don’t understand what made you to say so.

People like @anjanbabu are motivated. Unlike your comment!


I have been reading forums and telegrams etc, where ppl only reflect their profit, and makes things easy. Though in reality it’s far from the truth.

Newly joined here, and finding that people talking about losses, first I am hooked here.
Losses are real and I am fed up of guys talking boom boom profits etc.

Appreciate the traders here sharing their experiences. :two_hearts: yes, my heart goes out to the honest traders here who don’t fake. They are the one who ll come out real at the end.


Very well said. @Celina. @Nataraj_Mandal, Time to review your comment i guess.

Thanks! @Celina.

Here, What i see, People just get an account & read some books, does some home work? hard work? or whatever! Thinks they got it! Instead accepting the failures.

(It’s an indication you’re dumb when you lose)- This is what i say to my fellow traders.


@Redd my kind request stop this f and o. If really passionate join a trading company and work for them to learn.

This is a gambling den. F and O is for institutions and not retailer middle class.

Please put stop to losses


@ksksat Thank you for the suggestion. Yes! I already took necessary steps to control my losses. I’m not losing these days. And I never traded in F&O.


Well @Redd
how much have u wiped of your total losses,
u have said u r trading since 2 years, since when u learnt to control your losses,
just want to know about your experience as a whole in share market.
thank u.

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What do you mean? I already mentioned it’s nearly 13 Lakhs. About controlling losses, When i started i had basic knowledge of equity stocks & technical analysis. So, I got a very good reason why i lost. I was never worried about my losses. I lost because lack of knowledge. Some of them are, Buying total quantity at one hit 2. Placing stop loss far from LTP. 3. Being on wrong side expecting to pull back. Later reading blogs, I see this is very common scenario for most of them.

In the end, whatever the reasons behind my losses, Rectified to master level. Step by step overcoming. I started alone didn’t paid penny to any classes or any lectures. Well today I can make money undoubtedly.


thanks for sharing valuable points,
whats indicators are you using for your trades currently which made you a successful person, are you seeing candle sticks, support and resistance too.

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Redd can you “donate” me 5 lakhs rs.
This is the best strategy out there.
“Gareebon ki sino,
Woh tumhari sunega,
Tum ek paisa doge,
Woh dus lakh dega!”

That’s 10^8 x returns.

No *I am not joking.
Serious proposal.

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@VigeVet. MACD, RSI, Moving average (Simple & Exponential) time to time. I won’t depend on indicators completely, That is one of the dumbest reason i lost money too.

All the indicators doesn’t works all the time. It depends script to script, time to time. I focus on price and trend continuation. Sometime indicators work 100% some times doesn’t. So, I adapted to not to depend on those on every trade i take.

I will keep checking the charts, according to time & price.


@maddy_Des! Lol! I don’t need any sympathy on my losses!

What a shame that could be? Losses occurs because of less humanity? lol. I won’t agree! I have my own style to contribute in various ways to various things.

I don’t need any luck either. I know very well where I’m heading.


I was just joking on my own losses.
5 lakh net.

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ah! so you want to recover from my pocket? That’s selfish! lol

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There is website called https://kite.zerodha.com/. Where money will be exchanged to large size. Go & get it. If you’re smart. I’m sure you will find a way. If not? Then good luck, best wishes! ha ha

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@maddy_Des It does make absolute sense!

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@Stop_Loss! Nah! That’s a bad idea.

I’m learning by myself. I’m okay with this.

Thanks anyway!

I Personally believe to large extent. No one should follow or learn by someone. The only thing is to take advice. Rest all, FIGHT WITH YOUR BRAIN.


You take englis speaking training…