Lost 30k in one month. due to lack of emotion control

ive been profitable all these days…but due to some overtrading and greediness lost all my capital
any suggestions or tips
any recomendations…?
thanks in advance


Have ever wondered about how professional traders make money consistently?
What kind of secret strategy they have?

But in reality, they have no secret strategy.
They simply bind to the plan and control their emotion.

Just try the below test.

  1. Workout a simple strategy (Rule to Buy/Sell)
  2. Only one trade per stock per day
  3. Keep a Risk:Reward of at-least 1: 2
  4. Track a maximum of 5 symbols

Just bind to your trading plan and blindly execute it for one full month without altering anything in the trade plan.
Yes, just blindly execute no matter what the profit/loss.

If you passed the above test, i bet, you will be the most successful trader.

  1. Don’t forget the importance of SL.
  2. Use SL in each and every single Trade.
  3. No need to be greedy . Just book your normal profit and come out.
  4. No need to learn 10-15 indicators , Just watch market and practice first with 1-2 indicators .
  5. Don’t run behind Leverage as 10X , 8X etc… Just trade with small quantity.

These are few … Many more will come. :slight_smile: :smile: Don’t worry… Every great traders start with a huge loss… :wink: you will become :sunny: in upcoming time.


Bro, search for the word ‘Lost’ in tradingqna, u wud find interesting posts/thoughts!


Use small case app available on play store and use there recommend shares

Limit your position size. For say u have 50K capital then better to use 20K at a time.

should not trade with only 30k.

Looks like this market is bubble…so b care full…