Lost Huge money in commodity (MCX)

Hi Traders,

It is very frustrating and embarrassing to tell my story here but have no option to come out of this trauma. I opened account in April 2017 till last Friday I have lost around 19 Lacs. Went in to continue losses I hope that will start recovering at some point of time but converted in more more losses now this amount sounds to be non recoverable as I have not left with any capital now to trade. Have decided to quit the trading but unable to make up my mind still feels like will recover some amount and than quit.
Please guide and help to over come this


That’s fine just sell your car, home or anything you have and keep on trading I am pretty sure you will be able to bounce back.


Dude, just quit for now and take a break. Dont fall into the trap of revenge trading psych…Review what have you done… As you are on a continuous losing streak, there may be some serious lapses in your trading strategy… Check it out…

Just Google about “Gambler’s fallacy”…


I wonder how come ppl loose such huge money in short span of time,fisrt learn to loose less money while sticking to markets for long period of time so that you can learn and survive yes ah you do loose but not huge ,anyways dont trade with the mindset of recovering lost money it will further make you loose.

If you really love trading and have passion towards it then only you should continue and that too after some training or reading some books etc. Don’t trade to recover your losses ; trade to learn and gain experience.
If you only want to recover losses than quit trading and do only that where are you best means the business or jobs through which you have accumulated money that you have lossed in trading.
And if you have some access cash than you can invest that money in zerodha smallcase and in mutual fund.

Dude stop and realize that you are in to revenge trading.Quit now and try to make up some capital and then come after some break.

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What you quoted is absolutely tight don’t go for revenge as we can’t recover this losses by intraday trading but one thing I m pretty sure that this can be Covered partially by holding FNO lot.

When u come back after a break, take small positions only like 1 lot etc

And look at ur 6 month track record. Then once you’re skill improves at trading, then increase your position size

  1. have a 2% (of ur entire capital) as stop. Loss. Per. Trade.

3).are u using stop. Loss? Or doing hope based trading where u hold the position even it goes against u in the hope of bounce back?

Plz be honest.
There are many fellow traders here who have made losses and bounced back.

Having a honest discussion will help u identify the issue at hand


Many ppl. Lose ₹

Trick is to find where your are going wrong.

Test your new approach in small position sizes.
Find a consistent winning approach, with good risk mgmt.

Then increase your position size.

Sounds like you trading right now without a proper plan.
That’s good u lose ₹

Also file your itr
So u can carry fwd these losses.

Dear, You need to complete analysis in this regard. like how much actual losses, n brokerage incurred as in this almost 20 per cent amt will be from taxes n brokerage.
Secondly, also see which trading platform you are using
N Third you need improve your knowledge and change the way of trading as these are small steps.but you cannot cover entire losses.

Can you sugest any theme for long term returns in zerodha small case?

if you are trading just for money then stop trading right now. if you have passion for market, then dont worry abt money, it will pay you back with interest.


With interest…I doubt. I have also lost almost 15 Lakhs in intraday in FNO but there was one time wherein I had also made a profit of 1.75 Lakhs in a day and lost in 3.6 lakh in Biocon. You have to learn from your past mistakes. You should be very attentive and disciplined in any trade / position you are holding otherwise it will take only a few minutes to go from proft to loss. Then if we make loss in one trade in starting of the day , then it is very difficult to recover the same in intraday. some times you can but most of the time it is not possible, We keep in on adding money but we hesitate to withdrawl the profit.

Sirji u feel this is a joke😑

Nope…I told the truth.


I don’t understand why would you do this to yourself.

Why trade in commodities when you could have made more money in equities?

you lost 19 lacs without giving much thought into this business and you still “hope” to recover this amount somehow?

May i ask how you plan to do this when you have no clue how you lost 19 lacs in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, i tend to ask tough uncomfortable questions. But if you can’t answers these to yourself , sorry to say you deserve to lose this amount.

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May i ask what marginal benefit did you get out of trading intraday derivaties vs simply investing?.

I ask you this now , because you have learnt many lessons i m assuming.

Also , do you still plan on trading intraday FNO even after 15 lacs losses in the hopes of recovering that one day.

Thanx all traders for being so kind.

I always lost money assuming I will recover but it never happend.

Finally u mind says to quit but heart says lets try one more time with more decipline. However I am still not able to decide what to do I know. It is impossible to recover such a big loss in a month’s or year.
Please guide what exactly to do.
Please help.

No man it’s fine to lose I was just advising on how you can raise more capital to lose it more after all somebody has to lose in the market for others to gain. Keep it up you are doing God’s work.