Lost Huge money in commodity (MCX)


learn shorting strategy in equity market, which is safer; you will get back money gradually. Best wishes. Cheers


Forget intraday trading you will recover all,expect around 7-8 % of returns per month on capital employed


I Lost 40 lakhs in from Jan 2018 to April 30 2018. But learned how to earn 10 thousand per day per day with capital of 20 lakhs. Now I am confident that I can recover all my losses in 1-2 years. I can recover your losses too. But you should have capital of at least 10 lakhs


How much loss you got?. See losses as learning and learn a-z to in trading. Read as many as books possible.


Many ppl can live a decent life without trading but the problem is they want to enjoy luxurious life and ultimately end up being poor…



Even I lost a lot of money in FNO. I decided to give up trading in stocks and move to MCX. Can you please send me your trade book so that I can plan my trades and also see if i might be of some help to you.



Hi Shiv Kumar,

I’ve also lost huge money in commodities. If anybody can loose so much of money, the same and more can also be earned from the market. Only thing this that we need to revisit our trading strategy and have patience for money to grow.

Simple strategy:
Buy 100 shares, Buy or Sell with minimum 5 points difference.
One week: Rs. 25,000 earnings
One month: Rs. 1,00,000 earnings

One you gain more confidence, increase the number of shares/ points difference from 5 to 10 (or) as per your convenience.

Once you recover your Rs. 19 Lacs, In future, wherever you trade, keep your stop loss as per wish say for example Rs. 10,000 per day. This will help drastic reduction in your capital.

Have confidence and have patience…

All the very best !!!



U will start trading again but small amount. U loss again and again start with small amount with proper money management and risk reward. First time ever one take losses. Losses learn u.


Stop trading my friend. Start saving and focus on becoming a good investor. There are hardly a few traders who make money consistently so in my opinion you should start with a fresh approach forgetting the past. Good luck & God bless


Post ur number


Have you learned anything???
What went wrong, what you did wrong…
Did u have any trading plan before trade and u didnt followed these r the Q to ask…
If you have learned from this you can recover evrything with capital of 100000 for sure…
And if u didnt then leave it…
M telling it coz in may2017 i lost 3lakh rs in just matter of 2 hours which took me to make from market almost 3 years but trust me in nxt 2 month i learned what i didnt in last 3 years…
And now i am in my way to become full time trader soon when i will have capital of 5lakhs…
So ask yourself have you learned anything…
Thsnk you


I 100 % agree with Vinay here. As long as anyone enter the market with the mindset of recovering anything he is bound to lose because he is not acknowledging the risks involved. Also , the first point that he mentioned is very important . First learn to survive , and then gradually the profit will come .
What we all at the beginning of our trading journey fail to realize is that we are all rookies and we want to become experts. The journey of being an expert from a newcomer is long , and only when we become an expert will we make money. This is a game of very small margin of errors . So , starting to trade with an expectation of making money is in itself a flawed approach.
Instead we should start to trade with the goal of learning the craft and losing as little money as possible in the process. Then , after a few years , we will start to see the rewards of our hardwork and perseverance


Please invest in equity blue chip companies… U will get decent returns


Market is all about making fools as many men as pissible